Anything and everything in excess destabilizes the balance of nature. Wind energy is considered to be green but unfortunately there is no policy regulation on how many windmills a landscape can sustain. This might turn out to be hazardous in future and definitely raises a question on its sustainability. Windmills have changed the area around Satara in Maharashtra dramatically. Asia’s largest wind farm is located in and around the Chalkewadi plateau in the northern Western Ghats. The lateritic rocks of the region are broken down to construct more windmills and other structures that accompany them. This photo story is about this unique ecosystem, the biodiversity that survives on these isolated plateau islands and the conservation issues associated with it


This story was created as part of Missouri photojournalism workshop earlier this year at a small town of Cuba, Missouri. This was definitely an eye-opening experience for me. Something that made me rethink about my concepts and philosophy of photography and journalism. It's been a while the workshop got over but I am still processing everything that I learned during MPW week and I can already see myself defining my photography in a pre and post-MPW manner.